How long does a coil last?

In recent years, vaping has become the premier cessation method for successfully quitting cigarettes – and thanks to the increased taxation by the government, the majority of those who switch to vaping have found that it’s much cheaper, especially now that many companies offer different varieties of e-liquid at competitive prices. In fact, the only real expense is the need to buy replacement coils – but how long does a coil last?

A quick Google search will find that the average life-span of a coil is two weeks. However, many individuals who vape can find themselves needing a replacement in as little as seven days, but why?

The blanket rule for knowing when to change your coil is down to the taste. If you notice that your e-liquid is beginning to taste ‘burnt’, then there’s a strong chance you need to order a replacement. However, different tanks use different coils, and different box mods can heavily affect how long those coils last.

Nevertheless, the greatest factors in a coil’s lifespan is the frequency with which it is used, as well as how it is used:

VG or PG

Vegetable glycerine (VG) e-liquid is thicker than its propylene glycol (PG) counterpart, and consequently has a much higher chance of filling up the cotton wick in your coil with ‘gunk’. This unpleasant build-up also changes the flavour of the e-liquid for the worse. So if you’re aiming for frugal longevity, aim for a high VG-PG mix rather than a 100% VG equivalent.

Prime your coil and keep your tank topped-up

Allowing your tank to run low can allow the wick to dry out, and coils are never meant to be used while dry as the cotton inside them can begin to burn. The same mantra applies when you replace a coil, as the wick should always be allowed to absorb the e-liquid in the tank before you start using it.

How long does a coil last on high-powered mods?

While certain box mods allow you to pass as much as 200 watts though your coil, the increase in power will always have a detrimental effect on its lifespan. By using a lower wattage, you can avoid the need for constant replacements.

Avoid cheap, generic brands.

It’s easy to be swayed by the cheaper prices offered by companies who claim that their generic copies work just as well as the official manufacturer’s wicks – but as many vapers can attest, that simply isn’t true. The cost of a wick is based on the quality of the materials used, and cheap materials are not only likely to fail more regularly, but can often pose a safety threat due to incompetent engineering.

Monitor your daily usage

As obvious as it may sound, many people are oblivious to the fact that a coil will last longer if you vape less frequently. Its not rare for vapers to believe that their e-cigarette or coil is defective since their friends’ coils appear to last so much longer. In many cases, it is simply down to the fact that their friends vape less often.

So, if you find yourself asking “How long does a coil last?”, just remember that there are a number of factors that affect the longevity of your particular brand and style. And while good quality coils cost a little more, put the cost into perspective by casting your mind back to how much you were spending on a 20-pack of cigarettes on a daily basis and, by proxy, vaping still remains a much more prudent way to reduce your nicotine dependency.

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