The King of Vapes E-Liquids Now Available

We’ve just added the full range of King Of Vapes Desserts e-liquid to our website!  The King of Vapes e-juice is manufactured in the UK, available in 60ml 0mg shortfill bottles (50ml of e-liquid) and has a ratio of 70VG and 30PG.

The Desserts range gives you 17 exciting new flavours to experience, there’s something for everyone with lots of custards, cream, fruits, jam and much more.

As an introductory offer, we’re giving you 10% off all e-liquids in the King of Vapes e-liquid collection.  You’ll only pay £10.79 for each bottle, instead of our regular price of £11.99.

The King of Vapes collection includes:

  1. Banoffee Pie E-Liquid
  2. Blueberry Muffin E-Liquid
  3. Cookies and Cream E-Liquid
  4. Cornflake Tart E-Liquid
  5. Cream, Blueberry, Strawberry and Vanilla E-Liquid
  6. Doughnut Clouds E-Liquid
  7. Grandma’s Lemon Cake E-Liquid
  8. Jam Doughnut Cloud E-Liquid
  9. Jam on Toast E-Liquid
  10. Jam Roly Poly E-Liquid
  11. Key Lime Delight E-Liquid
  12. Strawberries, Cream and Maple Syrup Panckes E-Liquid
  13. Strawberry and Rhubarb Custard E-Liquid
  14. Strawberry Custard E-Liquid
  15. Vanilla Clouds E-Liquid
  16. Vanilla Custard E-Liquid
  17. Vanilla, Citrus, Cream Cheesecake E-Liquid

You can check out the full range of King Of Vapes juice that we have on offer by visiting our brand page available here

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