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Fog Mansion - E Liquid & Vape Juice Suppliers In The UK

We supply a broad range of e liquids of many flavours from many brands.  Why not check out our latest tobacco e liquid, tropical e liquid, custard e liquid, apple e liquid and menthol e liquid

Why not have a browse through our best selling e liquid brands: 12 Monkeys e liquidBad DripCheap ThrillsCoil GlazeBazookaCandy KingDinner LadyDr VapesFantasiJust JamLoadedMiami Drip ClubNasty JuicePocket FuelVape Breakfast Classics

What Is In E Liquid

E liquid is made from propylene glycol (most commonly known as ‘PG’) and vegetable glycerine (known as ‘VG’). Propylene glycol (PG) is a liquid that is clear, holds no flavours and is the base ingredient for e liquid. Its thickness is similar to syrup and can be food in cosmetics and food and is non toxic in nature.

Vegetable glycerine (VG) has a thicker consistency than PG. VG has a slightly sweet taste and is what provides most of the vapour.

Does E Liquid Have Nicotine In It?

Some e liquid contains nicotine and some e liquids do not. E liquid can either be bought with the nicotine option or without. There are a number of different strengths available depending on individual preferences. Reducing the level of nicotine has often been a strategy used be vapers to try and reduce their nicotine intake.

How Does E Liquid Make Vapour?

E liquid, sometimes called vape juice, makes vapour when the e liquid is heated up in the e-cigarette cartridge. The lithium battery and heating coil provides the heat required which is inhaled by the user.

The Vape Juice World Of Flavourings Is Vast

There are many, many flavours to choose from including mint e liquid, vanilla custard e liquid, apple e liquid and many more. The world is your oyster.

What Makes Us Different To Every Other Vape Juice Supplier?

At Fog Mansion we pride ourselves in our top notch customer service. As soon as your order comes in, we ship it straight out so that you are never left high and dry with no supplies. We sell e liquid in the UK to fellow vapers, and as vapers ourselves we are always happy to answer any questions you may have if you are on your first journey into vaping, or are a seasoned vaper looking for something different to try.

  1. Creamie

    Creamie - Apple Pie E-Liquid - 50ml
  2. Creamie

    Creamie - Banana Milkshake E-Liquid - 50ml
  3. Creamie

    Creamie - Caramel Coffee E-Liquid - 50ml
  4. Creamie

    Creamie - Cinnamon Swirl E-Liquid - 50ml
  5. Creamie

    Creamie - Coconut Choco E-Liquid - 50ml
  6. Creamie

    Creamie - Hazelnut Cookie E-Liquid - 50ml
  7. Creamie

    Creamie - Raspberry Donut E-Liquid - 50ml
  8. Creamie

    Creamie - Vanilla Milkshake E-Liquid - 50ml
  9. The Custard Connoisseur

    Custard Connoisseur - Blueberry E-Liquid - 50ml
  10. The Custard Connoisseur

    Custard Connoisseur - Butterscotch E-Liquid - 50ml
  11. The Custard Connoisseur

    Custard Connoisseur - Peppermint E-Liquid - 50ml
  12. The Custard Connoisseur

    Custard Connoisseur - Strawberry E-Liquid - 50ml
  13. Dollar Vape

    Dollar Vape - Apple E-Liquid - 50ml
  14. Dollar Vape

    Dollar Vape - Blackcurrant E-Liquid - 50ml
  15. Dollar Vape

    Dollar Vape - Blueberry E-Liquid - 50ml
  16. Dollar Vape

    Dollar Vape - Mango E-Liquid - 50ml
  17. Dollar Vape

    Dollar Vape - Strawberry E-Liquid - 50ml