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High VG E-Liquids

The Best In High VG Vape Juices From Fog Mansion

E-liquid is made from vegetable glycerine (VG) and propylene glycol (PG). Your average e-liquid has a mix of 30% PG to 70% VG mix. Anything with % VG above this level is considered a high VG e-liquid. Having a high VG e-liquid creates bigger clouds so if you are into cloud chasing, high VG vape juices are for you.

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High VG e-liquids give you a much smoother throat hit while high PG vape juices tend to carry the flavour better into your vape. However VG has it’s own sweet taste to start with so this can alter the taste of your e-liquid. High VG vape juices are thicker than normal vape juices and your coil in the atomiser needs to be able to keep up with your vaping demand. The faster you vape using higher VG e-liquid, the longer you need to wait between vapes for your wick to keep up in the soaking process.

We stock some amazing brands including Bad Drip, Double Drip and E-Fizz. Check out these awesome flavours like Just Jam On Toast, E-Fizz Refreshing Blackcurrant or Bad Drip Bad Blood.

If we don’t think it’s good, we don’t stock it. We want you to enjoy your high VG vape as much as we do. Therefore, we ensure we stock products made with the highest quality ingredients and have a wide range of amazing flavours.

If you’re not into high VG, then why not try something else – we have lower VG e-liquids in so many delicious flavours like mint and menthol, applebubblegum and more.


Drinks E-Liquid

Got Milk – Banana


Drinks E-Liquid

Got Milk – Vanilla