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Salt Nicotine E-Liquid

Salt Nicotine e-liquids (commonly known as nic salts) are e-liquids that contain nicotine in salt form (vs liquid form in regular e-liquids). This means they have a higher nicotine strength than your standard vape juices but are able to be used by lower power devices. What’s more, salt nicotine vape juices give you a smoother throat hit with the stronger nicotine.

At 20mg nicotine strength, these e-liquids are recommended for vapers who are switching from smoking one cigarette packet a day.

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Why not try our dedicated salt nic brands such as Dinner Lady Salts or IVG Salts. All your favourite flavours are being made available in Salt nic form so they can be enjoyed by everyone. Check out Doozy Vape’s Fizzy Lemon or Dinner Lady Salt’s Purple Rain. Pukka Juice have a delicious nic salt Blaze or try IVG’s classic Blue Raspberry.

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If you’re looking for something a bit weaker then checkout our Shortfills or High VG e-liquids. Or have a browse round berries and fruits to find the right vape juice for you.