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Vape Coils – E Cig Coils Available From Fog Mansion
Vape coils are the part of the e-cigarette that heats up the e liquid that turns the liquid into a vapour. The most common types are single coil and dual coil with an option to go further than just a dual. Dual coils simply have two coils which work at the same time to turn the liquid into a vapour, whilst a single coil only has one coil to do the job.

So from time to time vape coils have to be replaced to keep them working effectively. It is recommended to buy good quality e cig coils that will last so that you are not replacing them every few days. Acidity levels in your e liquid can influence how long it lasts, how often you vape and the amount of power you send to the vape coils can also influence how long they last.
How Do You Know When You Need To Buy New E Cig Coils?
The e-cigarette will struggle to product as much vapour as normal as well as leaking occurring, noises coming from the e-cigarette and poor flavouring coming from your e liquid. This flavour often seems like a burnt taste in your mouth.
Why You Should Buy Your Ecig Coils From Fog Mansion – Your Trusted Vape Coils Shop!
We only stock vape coils that we would use, so rest assured your choosing from the best selection below. All the coils we stock are 100% genuine – no fakes, just good quality coils.