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Vape Mods - Get Your E Cig Box Mod At Fog Mansion

Vape mods are by definition, much larger than regular e-cigarettes and are ‘modded’ with more features. Vape mods can have bigger batteries that last longer, the tanks can have a larger capacity in order to reduce the amount of times the tank has to be refilled. Using a box mod has become popular amongst vapers as it allows the user to customise their vaping experience.

The Different Types Of Box Mod Or Vape Mods

Regulated vape mods acts differently when the fire button is pressed. There is a signal sent through the processor which instructs the atomiser coil to be powered. The wattage and voltages can be adjusted alongside more adjustable parameters. With a box mod, you can go as simple or as complicated as you like to customise your vaping experience.

How To Choose A Box Mod

When it comes to wattage, more power means you can run lower resistance coils and produce even bigger clouds, and makes them more friendly for drippers too. Downside to this is the battery drain. A common vaper might have it between 30-50W, whereas heavy vapers take this up into the 100’s, and even 200+!

Batteries themselves are big and heavy.  Most box mods take two batteries which is normal, but there are some box mods which will take just one (a more portable, lightweight solution) but it will need to be charged more often.  If you want maximum battery life without charging regularly then some box mods will accommodate three batteries. 

VW/VV (Variable Wattage / Variable Voltage) vs TC (Temperature Control) - all box mods support VW which is a simple case of heating the coil at a fixed power. TC regulates the power based on the temperature of the coil, this means if it gets too hot it will stop. TC is handy to avoid dry hits (when there’s no liquid left) because if you fire it with no liquid, it will stop immediately. This is because it gets too hot too quickly due to there being no liquid.

Pick a box mod to match your personality with our wide variety of colours available.

Why Choose Fog Mansion For Your Vape Mods

We pride ourselves on top notch customer service. Wether you are here to look for e liquids or vape mods, we are always on hand to help you with advice so that you can buy a vape box mod which is right for you.

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