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Vape Tanks - Buy Your Ecig Tanks From Fog Mansion

When browsing through prospective vape tanks, it’s important to choose the right e cig tank that will fit your device and suit your own personal needs and wants. Ecig tanks are essentially an e liquid delivery system to get the e liquid to the atomiser in order for it to be warmed and ultimately vaped. Common ecig tanks are cartotank’s which uses a cartomizer with holes in the side. The tube is then placed in the vape tank and is filled with e liquid. The e liquid in the vape tank goes into the cartomizer which keeps the cotton in the cart wet with e liquid. There are other vape tanks available on the market that have several wicks attached to the atomizer (or coil) which hang into the juice tank.

Why You Should Buy Your Ecig Tanks From Fog Mansion

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